My Story…

As a Mindful Rebel, I redesigned every job I’ve ever had.
The inspiration for it usually had something to do with imagining the future, engaging people on what it means to show up everyday and creating inclusive and equitable workplaces where all are treated with dignity, fairness, and have a sense of belonging. Especially if the job involved arming myself with a standard issue suit of armour for cubicle warfare and is now a virtual battle of Zooms. The only thing “uniform” in the workplace that should really matter is presence.

Style, like high performance, is the outcome of meaningful evolution. The expectation of cookie-cutter, if anything, amped up my longing to be the multi-passionate me beyond any box on organization chart.  I’ve never done well fitting into anything narrow, especially minds.

I’ve actually been what is now known as a multi-hyphenate creative since I can remember. It started with being the class conscious disruptor in my single digit youth challenging status quo, then mock-trial lead defense attorney in high school – shoulder pad power suit and all (live & learn, right?). In college I co-founded a diversity-based sorority, was the unofficial career, & life coach. By the time I was in the working world, coaching companies and their leaders to find their true voice, I realized I should’ve been pursuing this multi-niche magic more directly. But the work was good and frankly, we all know every company could use a good makeover.

Today, I’m living and leading the best of who I am:

Helping people shine from within. Sometimes in the mirror and always at work. Self-awareness, owning your strengths and who you are is the secret sauce to success. We all have to start somewhere. Might as well be here, now.

Making organizations shine so people can be more of their best self, full time. From the little details and graces to the big blind spots, I coach, curate, and co-create to help connect the dots between what’s next in the world of work, inclusive & equitable design, and collaborating through the right technology to simplify living & launching stories worth retelling.

Building brand & business strategy. Researching, writing,  humanizing, contouring, blending and other novel ways to transform human potential into playing for performance (if it’s not fun what’s the point?) 

People deserve a life well-lived and self-loved. One of these days I’ll formally launch the website – a guide to a life well-lived and self-loved through wellbeing, empowerment, and joy.

My vibe is launching new ideas into initiatives and consulting with companies who believe in empathy and neuroscience-based approaches to transforming workplaces through it’s ecosystem of people, technology, business processes, systems, and data that will help them predict success. I rock the glow through human-centred design, internal marketing & communications, and strategies that ensure profit grows because people do. My hive appreciates that leopard print + leading for the future is a force to be reckoned with because if you can’t be yourself, you’re making someone else’s dreams come true. Choose You.

Stay Curious & Connected,