Digital Glory: My Very Own Blog

Here I am…in all my digital glory standing at the precipice of the uncharted journey two years in the making — my very own blog. I’ve been guest blogging for a bit now and as I’ve shared with audiences in my talks, if you’re not social and digital, you don’t exist. So it was about time I walked the talk by making a deeper footprint with a website to complement my social engagement. Welcome to a perpetual open house where people can visit and make themselves at home with knowledge, ideas and perspectives. A place to kick it up a notch with purpose.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover what’s within himself.” – Galileo

I like to think of myself as a dot connector and knowledge facilitator, helping others find the shortest distance from A to “Be”, so you can be more of who you already are, with ease and become who you are meant to be at work and at play (if you’re lucky, these are one in the same).  My fierce curiosity means I’ll be writing about a variety of topics: Leadership, Learning and Social HR with a side of Social Good and Entrepreneurship and a fresh twist on life I like to call ‘The Art of Being Human’.

“Think beyond the boundaries of someone else’s imagination.” – Me, naturally

Here you are. You showed up. Awesome. Now it’s about being and staying curious. So have a look around, learn a bit more about me, get in on the Fresh Ink action by subscribing to get me in your inbox, and of course, say hello. Lot’s more to come…