Time to Lose Wait

Dear Smart Humans,

Gone is the summer of ’13.¬†We will now be walking with polished shoes & better postures, and consuming coffee with purpose and not an art of leisure. We’ll make sandwiches for saving pennies instead of for picnics and understand why it should really be called YOUniversity. Alas, we will be counting numbers that will impact the bottom line and not just the bottom row in our secret closet of shoes, tools or gadgets.

In the rush of getting back to work/school/life, let us not forget the importance of rushing to stay grounded in the good we do for ourselves. The summer or any holiday for that matter does not live in parentheses — it doesn’t need to be calculated and enjoyed before everything else in the larger equation of life. The greatest risk to your success is putting your potential for mental and physical wellness on layaway until December.

Now is as great a time as any to embark upon a relentless hustle to design the life you want for yourself. Your mindset is the only magic wand you need.


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